On Oct. 20, I joined Josh King to preview the final 2012 Presidential debate on “Polioptics,” the political communications show heard each Saturday on SiriusXM’s POTUS Channel. The show is available for download at Apple iTunes and, where King adds an entertaining recap of the entire show.

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Offered my take on the VP Debate while guest co-hosting ”Polioptics” alongside Josh King on the SiriusXM POTUS Channel.  Show also features a fascinating interview with former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry (left), who talked about his role as co-chair of the debate commission, today’s media and the challenges of living lives of both faith and political service.  Show is available at Apple iTunes and, where King adds an entertaining recap of the show.

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The NFL and its locked-out NFL Referees Association have made enough progress at the negotiating table that there’s a chance the zebras could be back on the field for Week 4 games, according to ESPN. And it wouldn’t be a second too soon.

The league’s overmatched replacement refs have turned off fans and TV viewers with their frequent mistakes and delays — which wasn’t good business for the marketers who sponsor the league.

“As a fan and as a marketer, I am very pleased to hear the news of the pending deal. Although casual fans may have paid more attention because of all the conversation and consternation due to the replacement referees, in the long run it was not a positive circumstance for the NFL or its advertisers,” said Tony Pace, chief marketing officer of Subway. “... +Continue Reading


I returned July 28 as guest co-host of the political-communications show, “Polioptics” alongside Josh King on Sirius XM’s POTUS Channel. Our guests were Ashley Parker of the New York Times (on Gov. MItt Romney’s overseas trip), former Maine governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Angus King (on the polioptics of his campaign motorcycle tour across the state) and columnist and founder Paul Lukas (on the Olympics and much more). Show is available at Apple iTunes and +Continue Reading


Big fun for me to guest co-host this week’s edition of the political-communications show, “Polioptics” alongside Josh King on Sirius XM’s POTUS Channel. Our guests were Olympic historian David Wallechinsky – to discuss the intersection of the Olympics and politics…and famed producer Jerry Weintraub on his upcoming HBO documentary, “41,” an “in-his-own-words” look at President George H.W. Bush that premieres Thursday at 10 pm ET. Was especially fun to finally get to be the one who asks the questions. Show is available at Apple iTunes and

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On April 10, 2012 Kevin Sullivan joined ESPN Radio’s Freddie Coleman to offer analysis of Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen’s news conference in which he publicly apologized for comments he had made about Fidel Castro.

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Just when Tiger Woods was putting the scandal that cost him his marriage in the rearview mirror and regaining his mojo on Madison Avenue, the golf superstar is being ripped by critics for spurning the news media in favor of his own online video Q&A on Monday in which he answered questions from fans via social media.

Golf Channel TV anchor Eric Kuselias tweeted it was akin to “Soviet” pressers where Woods didn’t have to answer tough questions about kicking clubs at the Masters.

“So he is basically saying, ‘I am going to talk about the things that make me look good and that I feel like talking about,’ ” Kuselias said during Tuesday’s Morning Drive show. “To me, when you are a public figure and you are a professional athlete and you only acknowledge things that are good... +Continue Reading


President Obama’s director of progressive media is obsessed with one particular conservative provocateur. Jesse Lee’s duties at the White House include “online response” — and there has been no shortage of responses to one person who routinely communicates with him on Twitter.

Of the 267 tweets written by Lee in just over a month, a stunning 40 of them have been directed at Kevin Eder, a prolific Twitter user with more than 83,000 tweets to his credit. That means 15 percent of Lee’s tweets — from an official White House account no less — have been with Eder.

One such example happened last week in a dispute over the budget.

Eder posted this tweet: “Hmm…it can’t be true that @SenateDems haven’t passed a budget in 790 days and the only plan Obama has is a speech.... +Continue Reading


Behold, the unfinished legacy of Tiger Woods. We know there is so much more he wants to do.

We just don’t know yet if he can. We just don’t know yet if he will.

Somewhere out there, Woods, 35, fights the relentless battle of wear and tear and tries to escape the ever deepening bunker of age. There will come a day when he has no way out, no chance to get up and down.

“Father time is undefeated in this league,” Miami’s Dwyane Wade said recently about the NBA. But that goes for any sport, even golf. Father time always eagles No. 18.

But for now, a body tries to recover. A champion, having spent years now recuperating his knee or his swing or his image, vows his return. Better than ever. Maybe. A sport waits. So, too, do the sponsors, the networks, the public,... +Continue Reading


Engage with your followers, be insightful and entertaining, and put a spotlight on community service. Those are three keys for athletes on Twitter, courtesy of former White House communications director Kevin Sullivan, founder of Kevin Sullivan Communications and also former public relations executive at NBC Universal and the National Basketball Association’s Dallas Mavericks.

Sullivan told SportsBusiness Daily that he subscribed to the theory offered by Boston Celtics president Rich Gotham: If you’re going to Tweet, Tweet with a purpose. He also mentioned New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, who told his National Football League team that every Tweet “is a one-minute press conference.”

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